The law firm of Attorney Luciano Smaldino is located in Bari, and operates throughout the province and beyond. The firm is now a reference point for many loyal customers who appreciate the professionalism and in-depth knowledge provided on legal matters.

The firm

avvocato civilista
consulenze legali

Smaldino att. Luciano, a matrimonial lawyer. Representative in the Appeals Court, Sacra Rota and the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura.

Years of experience gained in family law and the authorization to practice before the Sacra Rota and the religious tribunals, enable the firm to solve any issue linked to family disputes and crimes.

The lawyer, Smaldino, is also an expert in tax law applied to agricultural cooperatives.


diritto matrimoniale
Diritto di famiglia

Cause per separazioni e divorzi, nullità di matrimonio, successioni e tutela del patrimonio famigliare, ecc.

Minor rights

tutela minorile

Protection of minors, custody agreements, assistance for adoptions.

International law

diritto amministrativo europeo

Consulting for problems related to European administrative law.

Legal assistance

Legal Assistance
Civil cases
Assistance for civil cases from the preliminary stages up to the Supreme Court.

Sacra Rota

Cases with the Roman Rota and of the Court of the Apostolic Signatura.

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